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Current Issue (Volume 3 - Issue 2) November-December 2020

Title Design of a community composting plant for a selected civic amenities building in Slovakia
Author Jozef Junak || Marcel Mako || Natalia Junakova
Source International Journal of Technical & Scientific Research Engineering pp 01 - 07,  Vol. 03. Issue. 02. November-December 2020
The work is focused on an overview of the current state of the recovery of biodegradable waste in the Slovak Republic and EU countries. It offers an analysis of specific ways on the principle of recovery of material for composting. Passes through the various levels of technology and processing biodegradable waste and assesses their impact on environmental quality. The results specify the proposal for an alternative solution for successful community composting facility amenities – University Hospital Kosice, in the form of architectural and technological studies.

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Title Enhancing Electric Power Generation in Nigeria Using Renewable Energy Mix
Source International Journal of Technical & Scientific Research Engineering pp 08 - 16,  Vol. 03. Issue. 02. November-December 2020
The electricity generation of Nigeria despite its abundant renewable and non-renewable energy resources has never been adequate from the installation of the first generating power plant up till this present moment. As it stands, the country’s total installed capacity is 12,500 MW; out of which about 5,500 MW is available for onward transmission. This has greatly affected the daily activities of citizens and it might get worse as the country’s population and demand for electricity increases. Owing to the necessity to save the eco-system, improve the utilization of non-renewable energy sources, and most importantly, the need to have a consistent power supply, there is a need to turn to renewable energy resources as an alternative for meeting the electricity generation demand of the country. This paper therefore proposes renewable energy (wind, solar and Small Hydro) mix as a way to improve the electricity generation capacity of Nigeria. The analysis of the capacities of the proposed renewable energy mix studied shows that 26,298.8 MW of power can be added to the current generation. This will improve the standard of living of the country and also increase the socio-economic development, hence an increased energy security in Nigeria.

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