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Volume 2 - Issue 1 (January-February 2019)

Title Study on Finite Element Method in Temperature CharacteristicAnalysis of Gear Pairs
Author Jiaxing LI
Source International Journal of Technical & Scientific Research Engineering pp 01 - 05,  Vol. 02. Issue. 01. January-February 2019
Abstract A variety of theoretical analysis methods have been synthetically applied in the paper, and the calculation method of thermal load of gear pair in meshing process has been obtained, including friction heat flux and convective heat transfer coefficient. Combining with finite element analysis software ANSYS, the transient temperature field of gear pair in transmission process has been simulated under various conditions. From the analysis results, it can be seen that the heat of gear pair in transmission is the most. The large position is near the involute of the pinion, and the heat generated by friction increases linearly with the increase of speed and torque. The research method has important significance for reliability design of helical gear pair.
Keywords temperature field, ANSYS, gear pairs, finite element analysis

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