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(Volume 3 - Issue 1) January-February 2020

Title The Pavement Condition Assessment: Case Study at Pokhara, Nepal
Author Meen Raj Ojha || Buddhi Raj Joshi
Source International Journal of Technical & Scientific Research Engineering pp 01 - 24,  Vol. 03. Issue. 01. January-February 2020
This research is to evaluate the flexible pavement conditions to determine the condition rating and specify the types of the failures in the pavement for the selected road sections of the highway. The significant of this study is to evaluate and identify the causes of the flexible pavement failures and select the proper and best treatment and maintenance type. It had two major and critical goals which covered by considering the following three tasks; the first was the visual evaluation and inspection of existing flexible pavement conditions including the failures, the second is to find out the actual causes of these failures in the flexible pavement, and the third is to select the most and effective treatments and maintenance types. As a case study, three main road section of Pokhara Valley namely Hallanchowk, NewroadandNayabazar road section were selected for evaluation and inspection purposes.The results were the damages and failures in the pavement are serious, extreme surface deformation, cracks, disintegration, and surface defects. These damages and failures are caused by fatigue and other types of failures resulted from the movement of heavy vehicles, poor drainage design, unsuitable pavement layers thickness design, and improper pavement mix design and selected materials.

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